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Brow Services Before & After Care

Below are some care tips for you before and after your brow service that are helpful and ensure the best results! Please follow the tips below for optimum results! A consent form must be completed before any permanent make service can be preformed.

Before Care Tips!!!

To achieve the best results, it is best to follow the prep and aftercare instructions detailed below.


  • No alcohol or caffeine at least 24 hours prior to your appointment

  • No vitamins, supplements, or medications that cause blood-thinning (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, etc.) in your system during appointment 

  • No tanning at least 2 weeks prior

  • No face scrubs or facial peels at least 2 weeks prior

  • No vitamin A/retinol products at least 1 month prior

  • No exercising the day of your procedure, or for 10 days after

  • No Botox at least 2 weeks prior

  • Do not tweeze, wax, or tint your eyebrows at least 5 days prior

  • Feel free to come in with brow makeup on so we can review if you have a preferred desired outcome

  • Please bring any pictures of your desired outcome

After Care Tips!!!

  • Full aftercare will be provided upon booking; however, please see below to see items that will need to be avoided during the healing phase.

  • Avoid the following for 10 days or until all scabs have fallen off, unless otherwise directed;

    • Alcohol for 24 hours after

    • Too dry or too moist in the brow area. The focus is to avoid anything that will lift the scabs early while they are healing. 

    • Any and all products other than the aftercare product

    • Sweat- light exercise is okay but no sweating. Sweating will remove the pigment. 

    • Sun exposure to the treated area

    • Absolutely no touching at any time other than when applying aftercare product provided. DO NOT pick, peel or scratch scabs. They must fall off naturally in order to avoid scarring and pigment loss.

    • Facials, scrubs or chemical peels for at least 6 weeks post treatment.

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